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Disable Data Execution Prevention

I have already seen several people complaining that their game / program crashes with Exception Code c0000005 when trying to start. The exception code c0000005 stands for an access violation in memory. When running Server 2008 you have a high probability that DEP has blocked an instruction, and that’s the reason your executable stops execution. By default DEP is in Windows Server 2008 enabled for all programs and services.
In this tutorial we will leave Data Execution Prevention only enabled for essential Windows programs and services. All programs and games you install won’t use DEP anymore. As an example I show you how I fixed Dungeon Siege II, but this works for applications and other games too!
Example of crashing game “Dungeon Siege II” before disabling DEP

1. Open the Start menu, right click at Computer and select Properties in the context menu.
image2. On the left below Tasks click Advanced system settings. In the Performance section click Settings. After that the window Performance Options shows up, go to the tab Data Execution Prevention, select Turn on DEP for essential Windows programs and services only and click OK.Click OK when you are notified that you need to restart your computer.
3. Restart your computer and probably you can now play your favourite game or run the program that didn’t work before!

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